This section of our Web is placed here to honor our Lay Leader T.R. Smith. He is always here to help anyone who needs it. Even after he lost his eye sight he never stopped giving of himself. 


The Holy Spirit is alive and well in Port Tampa United Methodist Church. For nearly eleven decades PTUMC has served the community of Port Tampa and Jesus Christ. Our church has gone through some fifty-four Pastors, brought many souls to Christ, served as a meeting place for many community organizations including other church congregations, Boy Scout troops of all   ages and has even been the distribution point of the local Share Program,  just to mention a few. Many weddings, funerals, baptisms and other significant events are recorded in our books. We have not always thrived nor have we  always struggled, except against the forces of evil, of course. PTUMC is a  loving church. Many who come here tell us and we show it by tending to the  needs of all who come through our doors. Although our membership is small and  our operating funds are sometimes lacking for what we want to do, our eyes  are on Jesus and our Souls are on fire for God. We truly believe that God  will take care of us and we stand ready to do His will and let Him take care  of the small stuff. We at Port Tampa UMC are fully about our Fathers business  of Making Disciples fof Jesus Christ.

T.R. Smith, Lay Leader